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What's on my dashboard?

First of all, welcome to Culture+ Bridge™! on your dashboard, you will find below sections:

  1. Header section:

    1. You will have the Culture+ Bridge™ logo on the left top corner

    2. Main navigation

    3. User Profile section

  2. Dynamic welcome messages and Take a tour icon

    1. Dynamic messages will change based on the current time(Morning/Afternoon/Evening)

    2. Take a tour icon will enable small tout tooltips and walk you through the dashboard

  3. Overview section. This section contains three cards:

    1. The first card will let you resume from where you left off

    2. The second card is for creating Micro-commitments

    3. The third card is a Micro-content that will have a small quote and another slide will show the overall progress of the user(Like, how many topics completed and how many content pieces completed)

  4. Filters section. You can filter by Format, Time spent, Include completed content and search by keyword and reset filters

    1. You can filter by formats like Article, Audio, Challenge, Quiz, Video

    2. You can filter by time spent like less than 5 minutes, 5-10 minutes, more than 10 minutes

    3. Clicking on Include complete content will let you see what all you have completed

    4. You can filter by keyword(Search box)

    5. Reset filters will clear all the filters

  5. Topic section. Here you will see topic cards related to a specific topic that you unlocked. Topic section contains the following:

    1. Topic name

    2. Time left

    3. Small description regarding the topic

    4. Topic card. Clicking on the card will take you to the detail page.

      1. Card image

      2. Card title

      3. Content piece format(Audio, video, challenge, etc.)

      4. Content piece duration

      5. On hover, you will find a description of that deliverable

    5. Also, you can go to the next set of topic cards by using Left/Right arrows or the bullets at the bottom.

  6. Explore the new topic section. Al the unlocked and new content will be added to this section. Clicking on the Watch introduction video button will take you to the intro video page. Once this video is completed, you will be redirected to the dashboard and the topic will get unlocked.

  7. Footer section. Here you will find common information like:

    1. Culture+ Bridge™ message

    2. Footer logo

    3. Provide feedback button

    4. Privacy policy page

    5. Terms of use page