How do I create an event?

Once signed in the tool, click “create new event” at the top of the page. The event creation page allows you to title and schedule your event. The scheduling tool allows you to start an event instantly or schedule in advance.

You will see four main features that are enabled for your use on this screen.

1) Keep it brief - limiting word count keeps conversations brief while still getting the point across.

2) Anonymous questions - this feature enables attendees to submit questions anonymously during your event. They will have this option each time they submit a question.

3) Downvoting - In the event your attendees will be able to upvote questions, moving them to the top so you can prioritize what the audience wants to hear. Downvoting is an additional feature. With this enabled, participants will also be able to downvote questions they do not see as a priority, moving them to the bottom of the list.

4) My organization - Keep it in the family. Only members of your organization will be able to join with this feature enabled. The tool is able to identify your co-workers by their domain name.